New In-payment to the Endowment Fund of UNECON

Specific capital of our University is currently almost 10.5 million rubles, which allows us to spend up to 1 million rubles annually for University needs, and each in-payment increases this figure. “I would like to thank Olga Vladimirovna for her constant contribution to the work of the
Fund”, - commented Olga Orlova, Chief operating officer of the Fund. "In Russia, the culture of making donations to the endowment is just beginning, so the role of a leader, a person who sets an example by his actions, is very important here. The current in-payment is a step of a responsible manager and a caring graduate», - added Artem Sheikin, the member of the supervisory board of the endowment Fund of UNECON. Each of you can also become a donor of the Fund. This can also be done online on our website.