The BRICS Summit Ended

Within the framework of the summit, MGIMO University hosted a section line " Youth policy: the role of young leaders in shaping the BRICS global agenda." The role of international contacts with Brazil and China was actively discussed during the session. During the session "Business education in the BRICS countries", special emphasis was placed on the need to find talented young people. Business representatives have traditionally called on universities to work more actively with talented young people and increase the study load, following the example of Russia's Eastern neighbors. Philip Lupov noted: "Everything is pretty good with the study load at our University. Besides, the Fund "Future leaders" has started its work. It is engaged in identifying and further supporting talented youth. The Trustee of the Fund is vice-chancellor of UNECON Igor Maksimtsev."
Session of the Association of University endowments opened with an exchange of views on global changes that determine the new tasks of development departments and departments for working with University graduates. For example, the loyalty of University graduates does not come by itself, as the new generation not only spends less time at universities, but also has the opportunity to study remotely in several specialties at several educational institutions. Participants of the session mentioned the need to strengthen the network of specialists working with graduates in the departments. Department for work with graduates of UNECON prepared a presentation on the external relations of the departments. Now it is under consideration by the Deans, whereafter it will be sent to the responsible departments.
Professors and staff members working with graduates of departments can receive advice on any matter by phone: 310-3864