LeaderCup Urban: Students Can Help the City

Students from various educational institutions and training programs gathered at the UNECON site. Among the participants there were future economists, architects, ecologists, designers, logisticians, engineers and sociologists. Young people were divided into teams, each of which in a few hours had to develop a plan for the development of the territory of the Ivanovo Quarry in the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg. For the first time in the case-tournament, students were asked to solve a real problem that can be implemented within the framework of the city's social policy.
25 teams presented their projects in front of the expert commission consisting of urbanists, specialists in urban development and representatives of city profile committees. The jury members were pleasantly surprised by the students ' professional approach to solving the task, and many ideas impressed the experts with their ingenuity and precision of performance.
The winners of the LeaderCup Urban case tournament are 4th year students of Faculty of Petroleum of Saint Petersburg Mining University (Nikita Tretyakov, Andrey Terleev, Dmitry Marisov) and 4th year student of Architectural Department of Saint Petersburg state university of architecture and civil engineering Ekaterina Vyrodova. It was their team solution that was recognized as the best among all the projects presented. Assistance in the implementation of participants' projects at the city level will be one of the main prize except material remuneration.
"I consider that it's necessary to use the method of case studies to solve topical urban issues. This will give students the opportunity to feel involved in the life of the city and try to change it for the better”, - shared his opinion Artem Gennad'evich Shejkin, the founder of the Future Leaders Fund.
The successful cooperation of the Committee on youth policy and interaction with public organizations and of the fund for the support of the talented youth "Future leaders" prompted the organizers to increase the scale of the event. In the future, it is planned to hold an annual championship for solving cases, in which students will solve real problems of the city. An appropriate proposal will be submitted to various relevant committees of Saint Petersburg.